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Street fundraising

Connect with people who think like you

MSF is an independent organisation: our actions are not dictated by any political, economic or military power and our only interest is that of the people we assist. Thanks to the fact that most of our income comes from regular contributions of donors, we are able to assist the victims of humanitarian crises even if they are not front-page news and to react with the utmost speed in emergencies. Therefore, the work of recruiting new donors is vitally important for MSF.

The direct dialogue fundraising teams work in the street, encouraging people to collaborate as MSF donors, through:

  • Raising awareness: telling people about the organisation, its values and the work it is carrying out in the field.
  • Dialogue: responding directly to people’s doubts and questions about MSF.
  • Inviting people to participate: talking in depth about the important role that MSF’s donors play in the organisation, as a guarantee of its economic independence and social legitimacy.
  • The direct dialogue team members are the image of MSF on the streets. Therefore, they are always clearly identified, are well prepared for the work they do, and receive continuous training about MSF.

How to join the direct dialogue team

To be part of this team you need to be a responsible, flexible and dynamic person, committed to social issues and with good communication skills.

Currently, the direct dialogue teams are made up of over 200 people who always work in teams. Every day they are out on the streets or present at MSF exhibitions to explain what is happening to the people we are assisting.

Thanks to their work, we make contact with more than 1,000 people every day to explain MSF's humanitarian work and the importance of regular donors for the independence of humanitarian action.

If you are interested, please send your CV to the email address below for the city where you want to join:

  • For A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo:
    For more information, call:  +34 981 587 091
  • For Malaga, Seville, Granada and Cadiz:
    For more information, call: +34 952 604 131
  • For Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria:
    For more information, call: +34 944 231 194
  • For Madrid and Murcia:
    For more information, call: +34 915 411 375
  • For Valencia and Alicante:
    direct dialogue team members


Take action: join MSF and connect with people who think like you.

“The face-to-face work enables us to fight against the neglect of realities that might be geographically distant but are humanly close. Being part of the solution to the suffering of populations is what moves us.”