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Médecins Sans Frontières is an international, independent medical humanitarian action-driven organisation, providing aid to populations in need, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to the people affected by armed conflicts, without discrimination and regardless of their race, religion, belief or political affiliation (MSF Charter).

The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams; together with the organizational units based in Barcelona, Athens and decentralised in Nairobi, Dakar and Amman. The field operations are guided and supported by 4 Operational Cells, the Emergency Unit and other departments supporting operations, including the Logistics Department.

Emergency responses fall under the responsibility of the Operations Department, specifically the Emergency Unit (EU).

The operational plan is channeling most of its energies and capacities to-wards providing lifesaving and comprehensive care for victims of acute and protracted conflict and violence, emphasizing high quality interventions and the safety and dignity of patients. In doing so, OCBA will have Emergency response to acute needs at the forefront of our organizational priorities and culture, in a range of 20 to 30% of our operational volume.

We will continue improving timely and appropriate emergency response in conflicts, to outbreaks and to acute nutritional crises.



The general objective of the Finance Coordinator of the Emergency Pool is to properly manage and guarantee the financial resources used in the emergency interventions.

With actions and initiatives, s/he guarantees the effective and concrete development of financial management within the interventions ensuring the transparency (external and internal) and accuracy of financial resources used.

Hierarchically accountable to the Head of the Emergency Unit (REUE) and/or its deputy, and functionally under the Operational Cell-based Finances Responsible (FINOUE) (S)he is part of a team composed of around 20 people of  MSF OCBA “Emergency Team”, or emergency pool. A typical intervention is composed of a General Emergency coordinator, emergency medical/logistic/financial coordinators and medical/logistic/financial technicians. (S)he will be responsible to support and manage the teams working for MSF OCBA in the field, ensuring a suitable response. Exceptionally and if timely adequate, (S)he will also be in charge of launching regular activities and/or projects in countries where MSF OCBA is not present.

S/He manages the Financial Assistant (hierarchical manager). S/He gives a technical support to any other staff with financial responsibilities in the interventions.



·         The Finance Coordinator of the Emergency Pool has overall responsibility for the establishing and maintaining of the proper financial management of the emergency interventions and needs to ensure that correct procedures are followed.

·         Participates actively as a member of the Coordination Team of the intervention in line with policies defined by MSF.

·         Contributes to preserving identity and principles of MSF through discussions and reflections on issues related to the values of the organization and the ethics-related expenditure.

·         Represents MSF in meetings with authorities and other NGOs for issues related to finance.

·         Is responsible for and supervises all the national finance team in the intervention including recruitment, training, follow up of their work, holiday planning, evaluations, etc.

·         When applicable s/he will supervise the financial work of the log/admin or Field

·         In absence of HRCo he/she is responsible for the management of national and international staff.



I) Accounting

Objective: S/He ensures the existence and definition of procedures and processes for money management and accountancy in the intervention. S/He manages and supervises a team and an accounting system ensuring money security, correct application of procedures and visibility over expenditure. S/He is responsible for accuracy and control of the accounts in the interventions.

·         Installs and implements the financial tools (FFC, SAP)

·         Trains and supervises the financial assistant and the fin-admins (if applicable) in financial tools and accounting procedures

·         Final responsible for a proper Accounting (capital level and, when applicable, field level): correct cost allocation (families and activities), HQ invoices approval, good quality of invoices/receipts, proper filing of accounting documents, monthly closing on a timely manner, sending closing documents to HQ.

·         Validates payment justifications and legal declarations under her/his responsibility.

·         Responsible of the advances management.


II. Treasury Management

Objective: ensuring that the treasury level is necessary and sufficient for the smooth running of operations at all times, maintaining as much control as possible over security and operational risks.

·         Organizes the international and national cash flow.

·         S/he is co-responsible with the logco to control and supervise the implementation of the mission supply guidelines (local and international authorization purchase limit and procedures)

·         Anticipates foreseen expenses according to local expenditures, general expenditures planning and operational decisions (including analysis of field requests). Prepares the money orders and sends it to HQ on timely manner.

·         As a signatory to the bank account, s/he manages relations with banks (conditions, etc) and supervises bank and cash management

·         Defines security envelops and minimum and maximum levels of cash with the validation of the General Coordinator of the intervention. Prepares Money Security Rules and pass information to all related staff regarding security of money.

·         Ensures Money Security Rules compliance and coordinates its update and review following changes in the contexts.


III. General management of administration and finance

·         S/he knows the existing legislation in the country of the intervention regarding the use and rental of premises and ensures that it is respected and that the organisation applies it properly.

·         S/he is in charge of handling the administration relating to the use and rental of premises in all the mission and ensures it is properly implemented. S/he drafts all rental contracts and agreements in line with the existing legal framework; deciding on the type of insurances and coverage to take up for all the structures in the mission, in accordance with the specificities of each building as well as those of the country of the intervention and seeks legal advice & counsel when needed.

·         S/he is aware of all the fiscal duties for the organisation in the country of the intervention and ensures they are properly complied with

·         S/he is aware all fiscal exemptions to which the organisation is entitled in the country of the intervention and ensures that all necessary proceedings are undertaken to obtain them. Seeks legal & tax advice when needed.

·         S/he collaborates in drafting & updating MoU & other legal documents.

·         S/he coordinates all local audits (relating to accounting, tax, employment...) and promotes voluntary audits if necessary

·         S/he ensures that local accounts are correctly kept as mandatory, if given the case.


IV. Budgetary management

Objective: Translating all information relating to resources into a budget

·         For each defined activity and in collaboration with coordinators, consolidates and analyzes all information on use of resources, and drafts budgets and does subsequent revisions.

·         Analyzes general and specific budgetary follow ups (analytic issues) in cooperation with all departments and especially with field coordinators and log/admin as well as the FINOUE in headquarters. Frequency of the budget follow ups will depend on the specificities of the intervention.

·         Presents the budget follow-up to the coordination team and the UE raising alerts and making propositions for corrective actions 


Finance Coordinator of the Emergency Pool is responsible for the collection of information on resources and for translating them into a budget. The General Coordinator of the intervention takes the decisions concerning validation of expenses and their justification with the cell.

V. Institutional funding

Objective: Ensuring commitments are respected vis-a-vis institutional donors

·         Participates in the elaboration of the financial strategy of the intervention

·         Makes contacts and holds meetings with donors when requested based on the previously defined financial strategy for every specific intervention

·         Coordinates and prepares funding proposals and reports for donors with the cooperation of the rest of the Intervention Coordination Team, including budgets and narratives.

·         Elaborates the finance part (budget + financial narrative, invoices) for the proposals and reports for donors.

·         Ensures that the grants are properly imputed in the accountancy system

·         Provides  follow ups of the donors contract, reports and recommendations (amendments if necessary)

·         Elaborates with the General Coordinator of the intervention the local donor mapping and updates regularly potential donors about the development of the activities to maintain a fluent contact.


·         The choice of finances (or donors) falls under the cell’s responsibility.

·         Narrative reports falls under the Head of Mission’s responsibility.


VI. Human Resources Management

Objective: Ensuring proper management of National and International Staff in the absence of a HRCo.

·         National Staff: Together with the responsible of each area s/he is responsible for the recruitment, training, holiday planning, evaluation, end of contract, etc.

·         Expatriate Staff: Responsible for the follow up of arrivals, departures and other administrative issues (visas, tickets, advances, etc).


VI. Others

Strategies, tools and dossiers

·         Participates in developing of new finance strategies and tools related to improvement of the response and quality of the financial part of the interventions

·         When not in intervention, works on dossiers, trainings and other tasks delegated by the UE, FINOUE or the FINOP



·         Participates in exploratory missions when necessary and when requested.



Will ensure that all mission’s staff is briefed on the proper use of MSF Resources.



Education and experience

·         Degree in Economics, Business Administration or similar.

·         MSF experience of minimum 12 months or 3 missions as Financial and Administration Coordinator: preferably in emergencies or varied contexts.

·         Experience with other organisations will be taken into consideration.

·         Fluent (master them as working language) in at least two of the three following languages: Spanish, English and/or French.

·         Good IT knowledge: Microsoft Office package

·         Having followed the any MSF course will be considered a plus.



·         Availability to travel frequently and be based overseas

·         Availability to work in unstable contexts



·         Identification with MSF

·         Cross-cultural Awareness and Flexibility

·         Self-control

·         Strategic Vision

·         Quality and Results orientation

·         Planning and Organising

·         Internal User and/or End Beneficiary orientation

·         Leadership

·         People Management

·         Teamwork



·         Based in the field during interventions. Based at home during stand-by periods

·         Salary defined by the MSF-Spain salary grid (pool UE conditions,  IRP2):

-          Salary of the position according to IRPII (standard to all staff)

-          Completion Bonus: 1,5-months paid holidays after completion of 12 months


·         Resting periods:

-          25 days holidays (standard to all staff)

-          R & R between assignments

-          Extra paid leave: 20-days paid leave / year


·         Commitment: minimum 1 year.




  • To apply, all applicants should please send their CV and cover motivation letter under the reference “FINCO UE” to
  • Please submit your CV and cover letter in ONE file and name the file with your LAST NAME.
  • Closing date: 17/02/2019
  • Replies will only be sent to short-listed candidates.
  • Médecins Sans Frontieres, as a responsible employer, under article 38 of “Ley de Integración Social del Minusválido de 1982 (LISMI)” invite those persons with a recognized disability and with an interest in the humanitarian area to apply for the above mentioned position.