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HEAD of MISSION for Venezuela


Médecins Sans Frontières is an international independent medical-humanitarian organization, which offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, sex, religion, creed or political affiliation.

The MSF movement is built around five operational directorates supported by 23 sections and offices worldwide. MSF OCBA is one of those directorates. The operations are implemented by 41 field teams and 20 mission coordination teams and organizational units based in Barcelona, Athens, Nairobi and Buenos Aires. The field operations are guided and supported by 5 Operational Cells, the Emergency Unit and other departments supporting operations, including the Human Resources Department.



The Head of Mission is responsible for MSF operational response in the Country/Mission. He/she defines the mission operational strategy in collaboration with the Operational cell. Leads plans and coordinates MSF programs in the mission, including identification of new humanitarian challenges. Represents and defends MSF’s interests before third parties, according to the organization’s charter, policies, and ethics as well as international and national laws and regulations, in order to develop and effectively implement all the programs and projects in the mission.

The Venezuelan mission has one regular project in Caracas, an Emergency response project. The mission is about to open a project of the support to a hospital in Caracas.



  • Is responsible for representing MSF at national level and defending its interests before local authorities, other NGO’s or international institutions, local donors, military organizations, other MSF sections, other humanitarian organizations and media, to guarantee an active positioning and a   good public image.
    • Is responsible for negotiating/facilitating collaborations and agreements between MSF and local authorities, donors and institutions.
    • Is responsible for developing and integrating an internal and external communication policy for the mission, performing external communication actions to media when required.
    • Is responsible for monitoring the political, humanitarian and health situation of the country.


  • Is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the political, humanitarian issues at stake, and health situation across the country and surrounding countries through established contacts with key persons/institutions and carrying out exploratory missions in order to identify potential fields of intervention.
    • Is accountable for properly studying data collected from the field, detecting population’s needs.
    • Is responsible for analyzing the context (and the consequences of an intervention of MSF) , evaluating risks and constraints, and setting priorities.
    • Is responsible for drawing-up project proposals and provide response to emergencies taking into account the points above and submitting them to Headquarters for approval.
    • Is responsible to produce, together with teams in the projects, and submit all requested operational reports, and ensures keeping them properly filed and updated.
    • Is responsible to conduct an active and permanent follow up of potential emergencies in the Country/Mission.


  • Is accountable and supervise the implementation of projects and programs and evaluate their evolution, final results and achievements to ensure that organization’s technical and ethical standards are followed and objectives are achieved.
    • Is responsible for leading, briefing/debriefing, providing coaching, evaluating, identifying training needs and supporting the coordination team and project coordinators.
    • Is accountable for the progress made and submits reorientation strategies to Headquarters when necessary.
    • Is accountable for ensuring a proper control of financial indicators and mission budget.
    • Is responsible for ensuring coordination of actions with other MSF sections in the mission- country/region.
  • Is accountable for the proper plan, size, and coordination of all resources (human, material and financial) needed in the mission in order to enhance overall performance of the mission and the projects carried out.
    • Is accountable for a proper implementation of HR management policies by HRCo and cell based HR referent, according to vision, policies and values.
    • Is responsible for the coordination of the Mission Coordination Team (MCT)
    • Is accountable to ensure that all technical responsible within the CMT grant a proper organization of needs, working schedules and decision making processes.
    • Is accountable to ensure that HRCo grants the well-being of teams (appropriate living conditions, good general health status, stress levels, conditions, etc.) and ensures appropriate conducts and behaviors.


  • Is accountable for ensuring that FinCo coordinates an active search of local funds while controlling expenditures, budgeting and purchases.
  • Is accountable for supervising a rational use of means and resources to carry out projects and programs.
  • Is responsible to ensure information flow and reporting to Headquarters.
  • Is responsible to define and ensure implementation of mission’s security policies and protocols, aligned to global MSF policy, to ensure safety of staff across the mission. In this sense, the Head of Mission has the ultimate responsibility of all security aspects of the mission.
    • Is responsible for analyzing external risks and threats to staff security.
    • Is responsible for keeping staff and headquarters informed and updated of events and issues related to this matter.
    • Is accountable for ensuring involvement, motivation and monitoring of staff on security practices.



Education and experience

  • At least 12 months experience as Head of Mission in MSF. Experience in complex missions is an asset.
  • At least 24 months experience in coordination positions in humanitarian aid including contexts of complex security management.
  • A working proficiency (B2) in Spanish is essential. English compulsory
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)



  • Commitment to MSF’s Principles
  • Cross-cultural Awareness
  • Behavioral Flexibility
  • Strategic Vision
  • Results and Quality Orientation
  • Service Orientation
  • Initiative and Innovation
  • Networking
  • Teamwork and Cooperation




  • Position based in Caracas, Venezuela. Travel through the country according to operational needs.
  • Commitment of 1 year minimum
  • Level 15 of the IRFFG + secondary benefits based on MSF OCBA Reward Policy
  • Starting: August 2019



  • To apply, all applicants should please send their CV and cover motivation letter under the reference “HOM Venezuela" to
  • Please submit your CV and cover letter in ONE file and name the file with your LAST NAME.
  • Closing date: 03/06/2019
  • Replies will only be sent to short-listed candidates.
  • Médecins Sans Frontieres, as a responsible employer, under article 38 of “Ley de Integración Social del Minusválido de 1982 (LISMI)” invite those persons with a recognized disability and with an interest in the humanitarian area to apply for the above mentioned position.