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Other professionals

You can apply to any of these offices:

Before you apply please share with us your country of residence:

Health promotorscommunity engagement specialistsanthropologistsepidemiologistscommunications officershumanitarian affairs specialists… at MSF we also look for these other professional profiles. 

We sometimes need: health promotors and community engagement specialists to define and implement strategies to support medical activities after a situation analysis, with the involvement of local populations; epidemiologists to monitor the epidemiological situation in the projects; humanitarian affairs specialists to analyse contexts and plan advocacy strategies; and communications officers to define, implement, coordinate and supervise all operational communication activities at country level.

Before applying, please note that you will not choose your destination and that we work in high risk areas where you might find:

  • Militarised zones with exhaustive controls

  • Conflict zones with continuous security threats

  • Limited working resources and equipment

  • Remote and isolated work areas

  • Environments at risk from natural disasters

  • Environments at risk of epidemics


Risk acceptance information

Because MSF’s purpose is to bring medical assistance to people in distress, the work may occur in settings of active conflict, or in post-conflict environments, in which there are inherent risks, potential danger and ongoing threats to safety and security. MSF acknowledges that it is impossible to exclude all risks, but it does its utmost as an organisation to mitigate and manage these risks through strict and comprehensive security protocols.

Field workers will be fully informed of the risk associated with a potential mission before accepting a particular posting. Working for MSF is a deeply personal choice and individuals must determine for themselves the level of risk and the circumstances in which they feel comfortable, based on a full and transparent understanding of the possible situations they may face. Once on an assignment, all MSF staff must strictly observe all security rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in dismissal.

  • Degree in the relevant professional field for the position of: anthropologist or social scientist, epidemiologist, humanitarian affairs specialist, communications officer or journalist, etc.

  • At least two years’ work experience in the relevant field.

  • Good level of English and French.

  • Availability of 12 months (divided into two assignments of six months).

  • User level IT skills.

  • Experience with other NGOs or in crisis contexts.

  • Specific training related to the position.

  • Knowledge of Arabic, Spanish and/or Portuguese.

  • Experience in managing and training teams.

  • Preparatory course before first deployment

  • Legal contract for the duration of the assignment

  • The net basic salary is approximately €1,300 per month during first assignments and for positions of lesser responsibility. The salary is regularly reviewed according to the length of time in the organization and the experience acquired.

  • The chance to develop professionally in an international organization. A profile manager from the HR department will monitor your professional development (career path, training, etc.) within the organization.

  • The opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with multicultural exposure, contributing to our goal as a medical humanitarian organization and improving health conditions in the countries where we work.